Month: June 2011

Compassion – One Year Report

It’s been one year since the first time I visited Nepal to volunteer with the orphanage of Glorious Ministries. Working with the children left such a lasting impression on me that I have been boring my friends to tears talking about them, and aching to come back and see them again.
Two things struck me when I first arrived. First the poverty of the conditions the children were living in, and second, the happiness…

School holidays: part one.

Along with the new house came a big section for planting veg. Compassion gets to keep half of everything they grow there, with the other half going to the landwords. So with the approach of rainy season it was time to till the ground and prepare for the planting of paddy for rice. A very enjoyable few days followed, everyone pitching in to dig, cut grass and generally play around.

And like any…

Project dining room table.

So with the kids all settled in school in their fancy new clothes and shoes, with all fees paid for this year, we are looking to fulfill the next need. By the way, thanks again to all those who donated recently, all your contributions went directly to those three things (Well, we had to borrow some money for the school fees to make sure the kids didn’t miss any lessions, but that is all paid…