As winter rages

Recently the owner of the house we live in has been sending men around to look through with the intention of buying. In the last month or so the frequency of visits has increased many fold. With this development (which is in breach of contract) we have been looking for another house to move into that will provide us the required stability and safety. Last week we came across one and if things continue the way they are we are looking to move into it at the end of January.

This new place is actually quite awesome, perhaps a little closer to school, but surrounded by family. Literally the whole block or two. Seven families are directly related to Dev and Maya and many many others are from their village. This current house is a little hard for Maya and all. Everyone around us here is strangers and not really interested in becoming more than that. This new location will provide an awesome community and many new friends for all. When just looking at the new place the other day, Dev and Maya were invited into three or four surrounding houses for dhal bhat! Who knows what’s going to happen at this stage though as everything is still up in the air.

Sooo in the other news you have all been waiting for. We got a great response about jerseys and managed to get everyone sorted out. Here are the kids wearing their complete uniforms:

Though you can’t tell from a few of the expressions, they were all pretty excited 🙂

Also I didn’t mention but no children (well ok one or two) had socks. Thanks to the puppy for eating through the last few pairs. But now they do! Along with a ridgid ‘all new socks are to be kept in your room’ policy. Thanks so much everyone!!

we have socks

In other news we just started a pen pal system with some children from texas. It turns out kids love pen pals. Also everyone here has just started their next round of school exams. Please keep them in mind and in prayer as they enter into this important time.

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