When Cherie and I arrived at the orphange a week ago, we kept hearing one word over and over again- “Picnic?” 

Turns out the kid’s school was having a annual picnic, which like a school trip, and the kids REALLY wanted to go, especially Ramita as it is her last year at school. Normally the picnic would be too expensive for 19 kids, however thanks to some donations the kids were all able to go.  The kids were so excited, especially the older ones, and stayed up till 2am preparing food to take with them. 

The school let some of us go with the children so I (Catherine) went with the older kids and Adam went with the younger kids.

The younger kids went to Bhaktapour and had a picnic and played games. The older kids went on a 2hr bus ride to Dharlan where they saw beautiful views of the mountains and had a dance party – mostly to Nepali music but the song that got them all up and dancing was Justin Bieber….can’t get away from that kid. 

Here is Melina, Devid and Suraj having an awesome time at the picnic



Here is Ramita (the oldest girl) having lunch with her friends. 



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