Month: January 2012

Gifts from Nepal

We have some awesome pashmina scarvesĀ from Nepal which we are selling to fundraise for Compassion Nepal. We have heaps of different colours and different materials, and they start from only $40.
Here are some places we will be selling, so come check it out.
Island Bay Sunday 12th February
Newtown Fair Sunday 4th March
Kilbirnie Fair Sunday 11th March

A new year, what will it bring?

Every time I read an article like this it breaks my heart:

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has helped us over the past few years!! Our children here are all from villages scattered around the country. They have been and continually are so blessed from all your generosity. You will never on this side of life know the complete extent of the effects you have made, but hopefully you…