Month: February 2012

New Zealand Fundraiser – Island Bay Fair

What an awesome day!
We sold a whole lot of sweet things from Nepal at the fair today and managed to raise heaps of money for heaps of orphans. We also got to meet a whole bunch of cool people who were really interested in hearing about Compassion Nepal. I also managed to get a whole heap sunburnt but you can’t have everything.
Thank you to everyone who came and…

Let there be light

Loadshedding is when the government has not orginised the country well enough to make enough power to provide for all people. So starting in the winter months and going until monsoon (meaning jan-june ish), we have about 10 hours of power each day. This translates into about 2 night a week where there is light during study time for the children. 
So this means at evening study time we head outside onto the roof to make…

The table update

See the first post here: So it only took about 6 months. But we finally have dining room tables! So thanks to everyone who contributed so long ago, everyone here as you can see below is quite happy to be off the ground (they also study here in the morning and evenings) We also made…