Month: March 2012

School holidays and a surprise visitor

Exams just finished today for the small children, so almost everyone is on holiday now. This break period we are going to focus on art projects around the house. It should be a good fun!

We also took Sharmilla to the hospital recently to finally get her knee problem looked at. Turns out she has a small fracture caused by too much growth and the tendon pulling on something because of that. So she has to take…

Fair season in NZ

It was the Newtown fair recently!
There was horrible weather but luckily by lunchtime it had stopped raining.
It was another great chance to meet people and chat about Compassion and the orphanage. Also to do some fundraising of course!
Thanks Marsha, Tristan and Chinta for all your help! Here is a pic is some ladies buying some lovely scarves:

Also at the Kilburny fair the Mayor bought a duck! Thanks Mayor!
In orphanage news from…

Services in The Valley slow down, life rages.

As we face the wrath of the dry season, life here is rushing forward. Year ending exams are right around the corner and all the children are working hard.

Working hard making fires that is! Above is the lunch team and below, dinner:

But seriously, they are working hard at their studies too. We just ran out of gas.

and water, well, almost, we have enough cook with. But…