Fair season in NZ

It was the Newtown fair recently!

There was horrible weather but luckily by lunchtime it had stopped raining.

It was another great chance to meet people and chat about Compassion and the orphanage. Also to do some fundraising of course!

Thanks Marsha, Tristan and Chinta for all your help! Here is a pic is some ladies buying some lovely scarves:


Also at the Kilburny fair the Mayor bought a duck! Thanks Mayor!

In orphanage news from Nepal: we have just started a new food routine. Hopefully we will be able to sustain it, but with the help from the fairs excellent run by Catherine and the wellington support team we are off to a good start. We now have weekly scheduled: egg night, meat night, moi day (like milk) and fruit day. Making these things regular, rather than when we used to sporadically provide them, should ensure for generally more delicious food for the children.

Ahh what else is new? Oh yer, we have had to buy two tankers of water recently because the city has not been sending any, but today it rained a little, so it looks like the drought season is coming to an end yay!

Oho and how can I forgot, its exam time for the children now. So we are all busy studying away, and after one weeks its holidays! Anyone have any suggestions on fun things we can plan for this time?

Also here is dolly with her new puppies:


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