Month: July 2012

Stage one: Complete

What is this? Perhaps you can guess. Yes this is indeed the new deed for our very own orphanage land.

Who would have thought that this would be possible? I would like to take this time to quickly look back at our history and give thanks for the provision that has been poured out by our Lord Jesus for these children and other through you wonderful people around the world. Particulary everyone from…

From Waikanae to Nepal

This week the kids at El Rancho camp (outside of Wellington) have been learning to “Love God and Love your neighbour”.
They got a chance to hear about the kids at Compassion and saw a cool video of them.  They were especially interested in the orphans’ stories, how they got to the orpahanage, and what life at the orphanage is like.  They were amazed that the orphans eat dal bat every single day! 
Janine taught the everyone how…