Free Water

This is a cool story about providing the necessities of life… food, shelter and water are pretty important a.

So in Manamaju where the orphanage is, there is no government supply of water. The rented house where the orphange currently is, has a well. Unfortunately this has been running out of water recently, forcing the orphanage to buy trucks of water just to be able to cook and use the toilets (pretty essential). This meant paying heaps of money for a truck to come along and deliver water, which is pretty expensive and ridiculous.

Now the land we have recently bought down the road – thanks to your awesome help! – has a water supply. So we thought about getting the kids to run thousands of bucket loads of water from there to here every few days. This seemed a little cruel though, so we devised a cunning scheme.

We bought a long pipe slash hose, of 217 meteres in length, and this has been hooked up from our land to our rented house. So now, whenever we run out of water, we just unravel the end of the hose, stick it in the tank, and there you go! Free water! The pipe cost the same as about 8 truck loads of water, so over the last few weeks it has already half paid for itself. This seems really sustainable and awesome. Thanks so much for your donations which allowed us to have the money to buy this pipe. It was a pretty small thing but will have such an amazing impact.

Woo free water!


The pipe coming out of our rented house


The other end of the pipe down the road on our land




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