If you go down to the fair today…

blankets  Yak blankets shoes raaaa!

We have had so much fun on the Wellington fair circut the last few weeks! It was great to get a chance to meet people and talk about Compassion, and Nepal in general – it’s surprising how many Wellingtonians have ventured over there, we are an adventerous bunch aren’t we.

The Island Bay festival cranked out the sun burn, and the Newtown fair was as colourful and entertaining as Newtown always is. We managed to sell heaps of our treats from Nepal, and fundraised a good amount for the kids. 

Thanks everyone who came along, if you saw something you liked or if you see anything in the photos, flick us an email, [email protected], amd we’ll sort you out…if you want a Yak blanket you better get in there quick! 

Don’t forget the KIlbirne fair this Sunday the 10th of March! We will be there with bells on, and hope you will be too. 

IB fair!

Felt shoes

Island Bay on a Good Day


Newtown fair 2013


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