The kids have uniforms, and the farm has goats!

Great news from two of our projects.


Firstly, the children from the brick factory community have received their school uniforms. These kids will be going to school instead of building bricks all day because of CN’s support. Here’s some photos of them all:

13090345_1704886559778594_1648503266_n (1) 13148211_1710308515903065_1914057313_o 13170528_1710308682569715_1219967549_o 13199118_1710308422569741_1344197199_o


The other great news is that 25 goats have arrived at the farm. And one of them has had a baby!

2016-05-03 2016-05-04 IMG_3949

For those who don’t know, we created the farm as a means of raising funds in a long-term sustainable manner for Compassion Nepal. Furthermore, it creates jobs in the region of Gorkha that it is in as well as making Nepal a little less dependent on goat imports from India.

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