For those who don’t know – Specifics on two of our programs

It’s been a while hasn’t it! Just to keep up to date, here is some info on two of our programs.


Dhan and Sunu: Pokhara church



These lovely couple have been in ministry for over 10 years, and their church now has over 60 people. As they have grown so much they are looking for a new premises for their church. Their community serves a local Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp and provides support for in-need students, among other things.


Supporting migratory communities working in brick factories, Kathmandu

Naresh and Jessi work with 17 families, and have enrolled 29 kids in a local school. They have had around 150 people attend their meetings, where they preach the Gospel.They hope to get more kids into school (and out of work building bricks) and provide vocational and life skills training for the families. Here are some photos of the building where the kids enrolled in school live, while their parents go home to harvest rice:

bunkbeds newkitchen newkitchen2


If you would like to support either of these projects, please go to our website


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