We even have new chickens!

During this building stage, we have had lots of space behind the house, so we have turned it into a small chicken farm.

New life!

We have 50 ish baby chickens given from a village recently, but now our mother chicken has just given birth to our first chik, born on-site here. How wonderful!

So wonderful!

Though it is possibly only a month or two away till house building completion, we still need your support to keep this pace up.

The family

The government has also given us one new child recently, but they have yet to arrive.

Bless you all,


ONESOUND NZ Music festival


Our friends at Every Village (¬†really want to build the Compassion kids a new home! So while we have been working on buying land, these guys have been fundraising to build the home. And they really don’t do things by halves. So we are excited to invite you to ONESOUND!

ONESOUND is a one day music festival featuring the best of New Zealand Christian music, and all proceeds will go to building a home for the kids.

So head on over to, get your ticket quick cos they are selling fast!



The Newtown International Cardboard Box Sliding Championship (NICBSC) is here


The Newtown International Cardboard Box Sliding Championship (NICBSC) is here!

When? Registration 12.30pm. Sliding Starts 1pm, Saturday March 23rd, 2013
Where? Hills at McAllister Park (Near 389 Adelaide Road), Newtown, Wellington, NZ
Who? Any resourceful daring individuals who love a good cause (all ages welcome)

Conditions of Entry

– Individual, Twin and Team (4ppl) categories
– Cardboard boxes can be souped up, but the only material you can use is cardboard!
– BYO Picnic for those who just want to observe the carnage
– Protective gear and costumes optional but encouraged- slide at your own risk
– No registration, just turn up on the day!


The glory of winning (and contributing to a good cause by having fun)!

Sponsorship prizes if someone wants to sponsor this event?

Gold coin entry, all proceeds go to Compassion Nepal 
See for more! 


If you go down to the fair today…

blankets  Yak blankets shoes raaaa!

We have had so much fun on the Wellington fair circut the last few weeks! It was great to get a chance to meet people and talk about Compassion, and Nepal in general – it’s surprising how many Wellingtonians have ventured over there, we are an adventerous bunch aren’t we.

The Island Bay festival cranked out the sun burn, and the Newtown fair was as colourful and entertaining as Newtown always is. We managed to sell heaps of our treats from Nepal, and fundraised a good amount for the kids. 

Thanks everyone who came along, if you saw something you liked or if you see anything in the photos, flick us an email, [email protected], amd we’ll sort you out…if you want a Yak blanket you better get in there quick! 

Don’t forget the KIlbirne fair this Sunday the 10th of March! We will be there with bells on, and hope you will be too. 

IB fair!

Felt shoes

Island Bay on a Good Day


Newtown fair 2013


Poker for Nepal


Compassion Nepal held a Poker Night in Wellington recently. We raised heaps of money towards land for the new orphanage. Fun times were had and awesome prizes were won!

Thanks so much to all our sponsors, especially Beach Babylon, Little Beer Quarter, Ozone, Duke’s Barbers, Curry Heaven, Tuatara, Empire cinemas, tleaft, flight coffee, Lighthouse cinemas. You guys are amazing. 

Thanks also to everyone who came along to support Compassion. 








sweet prizes