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One Night in Nepal – awesomeness!

On Saturday 25th August, something happened in Wellington. It was probably the Best Nepali Fundraiser you’ve ever heard of. There was delicous curry, dal, breads, pudding and tea. There were some sweet sweet live tunes. There were exciting Nepali wares to pursue at a market corner.. There were good times with friends everywhere. There was amazing genorosity from everyone, and we raised over $1,500 to go towards a new, permanent home for the children!
You probably…

Fair season in NZ

It was the Newtown fair recently!
There was horrible weather but luckily by lunchtime it had stopped raining.
It was another great chance to meet people and chat about Compassion and the orphanage. Also to do some fundraising of course!
Thanks Marsha, Tristan and Chinta for all your help! Here is a pic is some ladies buying some lovely scarves:

Also at the Kilburny fair the Mayor bought a duck! Thanks Mayor!
In orphanage news from…

New Zealand Fundraiser – Island Bay Fair

What an awesome day!
We sold a whole lot of sweet things from Nepal at the fair today and managed to raise heaps of money for heaps of orphans. We also got to meet a whole bunch of cool people who were really interested in hearing about Compassion Nepal. I also managed to get a whole heap sunburnt but you can’t have everything.
Thank you to everyone who came and…