Our Story

In 2008 a group of New Zealanders from Blueprint Church visited Kathmandu, Nepal.

We came across Dev, Maya and the 21 children they had taken in, in a home they called Compassion. We met them living in very poor conditions. They had very little electricity, no source of clean water, and at times Dev and Maya struggled to find money for basic needs like rent and food. The little financial support they did have was limited and unreliable at best. Despite their hardships, they were full of joy and love for these kids and their community.

We wanted to help, and were amazed at the impact a few dollars could have – for instance, having a lunch out at home, and realizing that it costs the same as 20 kids food budget for a whole week. On returning to NZ, we set up a charity called Compassion Nepal, to make it easier to send money to support the Children’s home. You can search for us here.

Since then, we have been able to help the kids move to a safer house, get access to clean water and more regular power, to provide nutritious food, health care and education. We have even been able to buy a piece of land with the intention of building a permanent and safe home for the kids.


Over the years we have had heaps of fun over talking to people about the home, with people from all around the world contributing and fundraising. We have been amazed at the generosity of people like you, and privileged to see the huge changes it can make in people’s lives.

5 years down the track, we are still supporting the Children’s Home and it is still our main focus and recipient. But over the course of this journey we have come across so many others that need help too. So in the last few years we have also been able to contribute into the wider community around the home, providing health care, education and support in places where it is most needed, in Kathmandu and beyond.

For more information about the areas we are currently working in, please see the ‘Who we serve’ section in the main menu.

Note: we have been trying to apply for Section 32 in NZ, but since we are a smaller charity this is a little harder and longer process. Because all the work we do is outside NZ we need this certification, so until then, our receipts are not tax-deductible.