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Christmas Pig!

First an update on the toilet project in Gorkha. It is going well, almost done: Second, Dhan and Sonu in Pokhara are doing well, their work with the children from the refugee area is continuing strongly, in a festive Christmas spirit: Third, and finally, you might remember a few months (weeks?) back we bought a…

We even have new chickens!

During this building stage, we have had lots of space behind the house, so we have turned it into a small chicken farm. We have 50 ish baby chickens given from a village recently, but now our mother chicken has just given birth to our first chik, born on-site here. How wonderful! Though it is…

Land update, the last stage.

Things have been a little busy lately and so my update from Nepal has been a little late.
First of all I want to say a huge thankyou for everyone who has helped recently with our efforts to raise enough money for the land. Our dream of our own place is getting so close to a reality now.