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Land update, the last stage.

Things have been a little busy lately and so my update from Nepal has been a little late.
First of all I want to say a huge thankyou for everyone who has helped recently with our efforts to raise enough money for the land. Our dream of our own place is getting so close to a reality now.

Lets have a look at the land

Alright guys, here it is. What you have been waiting for. Check out our new future location: View Compassion Nepal in a larger map Want an on the ground view, well here that is too: Although sorry its a little hard to see because the corn that is planed there is so tall, after a…

Stage one: Complete

What is this? Perhaps you can guess. Yes this is indeed the new deed for our very own orphanage land.

Who would have thought that this would be possible? I would like to take this time to quickly look back at our history and give thanks for the provision that has been poured out by our Lord Jesus for these children and other through you wonderful people around the world. Particulary everyone from…