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Hi Everyone

So we are getting closer to our new website. It is looking nicer and getting more organised. Hopefully when it is all setup we can help explain what is happening in Nepal better and allow more transparency of what we are doing there.

Free Water

This is a cool story about providing the necessities of life… food, shelter and water are pretty important a. 
So in Manamaju where the orphanage is, there is no government supply of water. The rented house where the orphange currently is, has a well. Unfortunately this has been running out of water recently, forcing the orphanage to buy trucks of water just to be able to cook and use the toilets (pretty essential). This meant paying…

Let there be light

Loadshedding is when the government has not orginised the country well enough to make enough power to provide for all people. So starting in the winter months and going until monsoon (meaning jan-june ish), we have about 10 hours of power each day. This translates into about 2 night a week where there is light during study time for the children. 
So this means at evening study time we head outside onto the roof to make…