Dhan and Sonu

Sonu, Dhan and Evi

Social Worker/Pastor Couple – IDP Refuge Camp, Choreepatan, Pokhara, Nepal.

In support of their amazing work to show love and compassion, we have committed to cover all of the living costs of this couple as well as some basic programme expenses – Total: $30 a week.

Since first meeting Dhan in 2008, we have be continually impressed by his heart and attitude. Around the time he had his first child, the previous organisation he worked for became unable to continue employing him, after hearing of this at then end of 2012, we were more than happy to step in and provide support to further the work this great couple is doing.

Dhan is a social worker and his wife Sonu is studying and also runs a tuition programme for small children which is free for the poor and low cast.

For more information you can see the news here.