Education Scholarship

This scholarship was first established to assist children who get to a certain age in the care of the Compassion Childrens Home, and thus according to the government rules were no longer able to reside there. We created this to continue helping those who would be left without any option of further education.

Our first two successful applicants were:

2013 – Ramita Hasida, who officially left the childrens home that year.

Ramita Hasida

2014 – Sonu Tamang, the wife of a pastor at an IDP Refugee Camp in Pokhara. Sonu had been longing to finish her study for a long time as her dream is to become a teacher for children in the slum area her husband works in, but due to their financial condition this was impossible.

We are super excited to be helping these two wonderful young women seek further education.

2015 We decided this is a great idea and have ramped things up a level. Our scholarship was given to 30 children this year. You can see more information here.


The application for this scholarship may be found here: CN – Scholarship Application – 2015